Infrastructure & Facilities


  • All the students of this college are entitled to avail of the facilities provided by the library.
  • Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time for seven days. Students get paper sets of last two years on latest syllabus.

AV Hall

  • Audio- Visual Hall is used for organizing guest lectures, programmes etc.

Assembly Hall

  • This hall is used for organizing cultural, social activities etc for accommodating large number of students


  • A controlled rate canteen facility is available for students on the college campus.
  • Mischievous behavior in the canteen will not be tolerated and any such incidence will be dealt strictly.

Vehicle Stand

  • Students are expected to make use of cycle stand & scooter stand for parking their vehicles.
  • Students should not park their vehicles on adjacent roads causing traffic obstruction.
  • The college does not provide four wheeler parking facility for students and visitors.

Student’s Council

  • Every year Student’s Council is set up for the students.
  • It is organized as per the provisions of Maharashtra Universities Act 1994.
  • A student’s representative to the University (U.R.) is elected by the students.