Degree College Wing

Students who have passed examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary examination are eligible for admission to F.Y.B.A. Students from other states can also apply for admission to F.Y.B.A. after completing H.S.C. or such other equivalent examination.


The Savitribai Phule Pune University has revised the syllabus for undergraduate B.A Course in June 2013.


  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • History
  • English

Optional Papers (Any one of the following)

  • Marathi
  • Hindi


Student migrating from other Countries/Universities/Boards either from the State of Maharashtra or from outside Maharashtra State will be admitted provisionally in the college.
Admission will be treated as provisional until the ‘eligibility’ is cleared.

For this purpose, the student will have to apply in the prescribed form of eligibility certificate along with the following certificates in the original (and a photocopy thereof)

(a) Passing Certificate
(b) Statement of Marks
(c) Migration certificate from previous country/University/Board
(d) Attendance
(e) Character Certificate
(f) Transfer Certificate from the Principal of the previous college.

The students have to pay the prescribed fees.
The responsibility of obtaining an Eligibility lies with the students themselves, failing to which, a student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination and his/her provisional admission will be treated as cancelled.

Medical Examination

Every student of F.Y.B.A must undergo medical examination organized by the college. The student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination, if he/she fails to produce medical check-up certificate.

Rules Regrading ATKT

A student who fails in maximum two theory papers, passing of F.Y.B.A may be allowed to Keep Terms (ATKT) for S.Y.B.A.
A student who fails in maximum two theory papers and one practical at S.Y.B.A will be allowed to Keep Terms (ATKT) for T.Y.B.A.
However, a student must have passed all the subject heads of theory at the F.Y.B.A level, while getting admission in T.Y.B.A.